NAPS Logistic s.r.o. review

As part of our customer testimonials, we meet NAPS Logistic s.r.o. company operates on the Slovak market in the field of international transport.. NAPS Logistic s.r.o has been a customer of Négométal and C2A for several years. The company uses the C2A professional payment solution.


NAPS Logistic s.r.o. company was founded in 2011 as a family business and since then successfully operates on the Slovak market in the field of international transport. It focus their services on EU countries.

“We have been cooperating with Négométal through branch TRANS VAT SK, s.r.o. since 2016 and we use C2A cards especially for fueling in Spain and eventually in other countries too. When Negometal contacted us, we tried cooperation and we are cooperating so far.”

C2A cards and Negométal services address issues related to the mobility of employees of a transport company circulating in Europe and incurring various professional expenses. 

NAPS logistic s.r.o. company uses C2A cards for their drivers and recomand them for different reasons :

  • « They work as a normal payment card and can be prepaid/replenished according to our needs
  • by payment with these cards we can get good prices through discounts
  • we also consider the advantage, that we can directly print invoices from the official website, avoiding tickets, which tax institutions can dispute their accuracy
  • but what we especially like is that we manage the financial balance of the account C2A and the money on the driver cards directly  24 hours on-line. »

Indeed, the C2A solution is simple to use : no deposit or guarantee, the manager sets the cards and the employee uses only the dedicated funds.

The setting of cards and other restrictions in place, such as time limits or geographical limits (use of cards outside weekends and in some countries only, for example) prevent any risk of fraud.

We have been satisfied with our cooperation for years and we haven´t met a service or other problem yet

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