Benefit from a lower commission !

Are you using a fuel card and paying high commissions on your transactions ?

Reduce your commission to only 1.5% per transaction and simplify your accounting with the C2A card.

Europe : a single commission rate of 1.5% 

Use the C2A card to fill up at all petrol stations in Europe and say STOP at multiple commission rates.


Claim an extra 0.049€/Litre thanks to your Truck GP Card!

With your C2A Truck GP card, you can pay fuel anywhere in Europe and become registered to automise your Spanish fuel tax claims.
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Don’t hesitate to recover your VAT and excise duties !

Our specialists manage your refund requests with European Union Tax Authorities :

  • Recover the VAT of your fuel, toll, AdBlue, heavy truck washing
  •  Recover VAT also on diverse expense receipts
  • Get your excise duties refunds