Negométal and C2A respond to the new measures of the mobility package for road transport

On 3 December, the European transport ministers reached a compromise on the reform of the social rules of international road transport.
What measures are adopted?

1. The status of posted worker is now applied to international transport. With the exception of “bilateral operations”, ie a simple delivery from country A to country B, as opposed to a chain of operations across the continent.

2. Obligation to implement the second version of the intelligent tachograph. In order to have a reliable way of recording when and where the truck crosses a border. All vehicles engaged in international transport operations will have to be equipped with this device by the end of 2024. This fundamental point will obviously facilitate greatly the control of these rules.

3. The status of posted worker will be automatic during cabotage operations. The current limit of three operations in 7 days is maintained but, between two cabotage series in a country, transporters will now have to comply with a five-day “waiting period” to prevent the continued drift of permanent cabotage.

4. Driver-specific working conditions : on the one hand, the normal weekly rest must be taken outside the cab and, on the other hand, the driver must return to his country of origin every 4 weeks, or all 3 weeks if they accumulate two successive reduced rest periods.


Do you know that ?

“NEGOMETAL has a team of experts to officially represent you in France during your transport operations and to ensure your compliance with the Macron Law. We take care of your compliance with the regulations of the secondment of the personnel.”


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Thanks to our unique Negoroad electronic toll system, we offer professional users solutions tailored to their fleet of trucks or light vehicles.
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As mentioned above, other laws concern the protection of employees. The ban on the normal rest of drivers in their cabin is enshrined, one year after the judgment of the EU Court of Justice. France has long considered that booths, workplaces, can not be considered places of rest.


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