Keep your vehicule fleet moving at a lower cost across Europe and activate additional countries on your toll devices as required

New customer since 3 months of Negometal, Stela Nikolova Transporte uses our Negoroad toll offer with our exclusive prepayment system. It transports goods in several countries : Spain, France, Belgium, Italy and Germany.

“The prepayment system allows me to manage my fleet and cash while retaining discounts related to tolls. Single invoices for toll transactions are also an advantage. “

Our exclusive prepayment system allows you to:

  • Obtain OBUs for your entire fleet WITHOUT FINANCIAL GUARANTEES
  • Receive single invoices for toll transactions and receive discount up to 13%
  • Manage your prepayment online directly without constraints

“I am very satisfied with my access to MyNegometal customer portal for the follow-up it provides, as well as the sales representative who handles my requests and his responsiveness. In general there is a very good operational monitoring of teams (Negobiter and Negometal). “