Tools for managing your fleet

The transport company Maitxene performs national and international freight transport and is a Negometal client for the recovery of VAT. For several months, it has also chosen our offer for tolls and tells us about it feedback.

“What we particularly appreciate are the single invoices for toll transactions and the fact that we can recover VAT in all EU countries.”

Thanks to MyNegometal, fleet management, whether for heavy goods vehicles or light vehicles, is controlled and completely transparent.

Each client benefits from free private access to MyNégométal allowing them to:

  • manage their fleets,
  • consult their toll transactions, and filter the information, by country, by OBU…
  • follow their requests for recovery of VAT or diesel taxes,
  • download their invoices and service transactions…

“We find it really interesting to receive invoices via MyNegometal showing all the details for each electronic toll device. “

Soon, with the launch of our NEGOROAD + offer, our customers will have access with a single box to multiple functionalities that will go even further in managing their fleet: + connectivity to better plan their journeys, their fuel, etc.