The NEGOROAD SAT network is growing : go to Germany !

The German network is now available by simple activation with our NEGOROAD SAT* toll payment solution.

Paying tolls in France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Austria, Poland as well as Belgian taxes with a single device is a reality.

Because of its central location [25% of international road freight transport in Europe being carried out on German roads], the interoperability of tolls in Germany was therefore a major issue.

Provide your employees with the C2A payment card along with our toll payment device to pay all types of professional expenses and obtain up to 13% discount on  highways across Europe.

By using any of our C2A stations, benefit from our partner network advantages:

  • Unique invoices
  • Low fuel pump prices / Discounts with TRUCK cards
  • HGV Lane / Premium Services / Security parking
  • European excise duty refunds



* offer subject to fees