Our experts a universe of services

OWEG TRANSPORT SA, international transport company has been using Négométal for more than 10 years for the recovery of VAT and diesel taxes as well as our offer of tolls.

“We were seduced by the very complete and varied offer of services offered by Négométal. It is a real comfort for us to only call on a service provider for the management of various services “

With Négométal, reduce your expenses on a European scale:

The VAT refund is made in the 28 EU Member States as well as in Switzerland and Norway.

The recovery of diesel taxes is now eligible for 8 EU countries : France, Italy, Slovenia, Portugal, Croatia, Spain, Belgium, Hungary.

Finally, our NEGOROAD electronic toll collection offers you the opportunity to purchase a single device for all European tolls and discounts of up to 13%.

“We are particularly satisfied with the teams of Negométal, always very attentive to our needs. “

Négométal puts at your service a team of specialists, allowing you to benefit from:

  • Our deep knowledge of the international transport sector
  • The ISO 9001 standard, a recognized expertise in the processing of administrative documents
  • Our experience of cooperation with European administrative authorities