The NEGOROAD SAT offer already includes 14 networks in one box. A single OBU that opens the doors of Europe to professionals with a fleet of trucks or light vehicles. Our unique toll system now extends to the Croatian network.

The NEGOROAD SAT toll OBU (On-Board Unit) will allow its owner to benefit from discounts of up to 42% at Croatian tolls, depending on the class of their vehicles (weight, axles, etc.).

Overall, 85% of the Croatian network is covered as follow :

  • A1: Zagreb – Split – Dubrovnik
  • A3: Bregana – Zagreb – Lipovac
  • A4:  Goričan – Zagreb
  • A5: Beli Manastir – Osijek – Svilaj
  • A6: Bosiljevo – Rijeka
  • A7: Rupa – Rijeka – Žuta Lokva
  • A10: Nova Sela – Ploče
  • A11:  Zagreb – Sisak

The A8, A9 and A2 highways are not yet included.

Our toll offer now covers 15 networks in Europe (highways and tunnels) and helps you to secure your cash-flow with significant discounts and improve your fleet flow. The global network covers :

  • France (TIS-PL)
  • Fréjus and Mont Blanc (tunnels)
  • Spain (VIA-T)
  • Portugal (VIA-T)
  • Italy (TELEPASS)
  • Germany
  • Switzerland & Lichtenstein
  • Poland (EETS E-TOLL, A1, A4)
  • Austria (GO)
  • Bulgaria
  • Croatia

NEGOMETAL is very pleased to offer this new Croatian network to its customers who continue to enjoy discount programs on highways and other benefits. Such as the geolocation system (Track & trace system), no financial guarantees required with prepayment, a unique set of invoices and a tolling management simple and responsive.

New country openings are expected by 2024, such as Slovakia, Slovenia, Czech Republic and Hungary (depending on the regional approval for the latter). Choose long term proven solutions, customer care speaking your language and locally based.

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