“Negometal is an efficient and dynamic partner”

Euro Frigo is a recently established company that transports controlled temperature goods (fridges) in Italy and abroad. The head office is in Benevento, 30 minutes away from Naples. The fleet is composed of mainly Euro Class 6 trucks.

For which services do you use NEGOMETAL and for how long?

We started working with Negometal two years ago. Firstly for VAT and Excise Duty refund and, since 2020, we signed also for tolls in prepayment : NEGOROAD IT, NEGOROAD SAT.

Why did you choose NEGOMETAL? Benefits?

We choose Negometal because it offers clear and convenient conditions, above all for the refund times which are very fast. This allows us on a daily basis to focus on our activity and to be able to optimize our cash flow thanks to the rapid recovery of taxes all over Europe.

How has the pandemic changed the way you work?

Unfortunately the pandemic had a big impact on load / download times of the goods. It caused of course a market reduction, there is always less need of transports.

What are your plans for the current year?

We of course hope a recovery of the market and we also would like to increase our activity with the addition of good storage service.

Point of view on your experience with NEGOMETAL: are you satisfied?

Negometal is an efficient and dynamic partner. We are very satisfy of the collaboration, mainly because its employees are very kind and professional and also helping with any kind of problem.