MyNegometal : private portal to manage your fleet

The company Plaza Truck SL has been using Négométal for many years, particularly for the recovery of VAT and our toll offers across Europe. This freight transport company is looking for easy-to-use services and transparent offers, the aim being to be at least concerned about its technical aspects internally.

Negometal is a serious and very professional company. We have a very good contact with the Négométal teams who always make sure to help us as much as possible. “

Thanks to the private and free access to MyNegometal, our customers can:

  • manage their fleets,
  • consult their toll transactions,
  • follow their requests for recovery of VAT or diesel taxes,
  • download their invoices and service transactions …

Thus, fleet management becomes child’s play and totally transparent. It is possible to prepay online and filter tolls by OBU, by country or even to see its balance on the C2A Card for corporate customers.

Négométal and C2A offer a global solution for business mobility across Europe.