C2A Card

C2A took its first steps in the highly strategic sector of transport and logistics.

Taking into account customers’ needs and observing this sector’s level of requirement have enabled a payment solution to emerge that is fine-tuned to all businesses.

Our flexible and adaptable transport & logistics solution has, therefore, been designed to specifically meet the daily needs of drivers during their trips throughout Europe.

Did you say bank card?

Can be used in the entire MasterCard® payment network

No bank guarantee necessary

Monitor expenditure in real time

Optimization of management

Approved by the A.C.P.R., the Prudential Supervision and Resolution Authority at the Bank of France.

Our accreditation enables us to issue international Mastercards :

immediate debit payment and cash cards

with Systematic Authorisation

intended solely for and limited to professional customers (BtoB)


Did you say fuel card?

Access to all low-cost service stations in France and Europe
Up to 12% discount at thousands of service stations

Invoices issued for recovery of VAT and TIPP fuel consumption tax (in the C2A partner network)

No financial guarantee bond required


Did you say all-in-one card ?

Can be configured according to your needs : adjusted for certain periods, identified countries, type of expenditure, authorized amounts

Transactions monitored in real time

Pilot your cards from a computer or smartphone

Combined with tools that help optimize journeys

Medical insurance and repatriation


More information : C2A CARD