Mobility package: What impacts for carriers?

What does the Mobility Package approved by the European Parliament provide for?

Better working conditions for drivers

  • International transport companies will have to organize their timetables so that their drivers can return home at regular intervals (every three or four weeks depending on the hourly amplitudes).
  • The regular weekly rest period cannot be taken in the cab of the truck. If this period isn’t taken at home, the company will have to pay the hotel costs

Fairer competition and the fight against illegal practices

  • The current cabotage limits remain the same (3 operations in 7 days). To avoid systematic cabotage, there will be a four-day waiting period before another operation in the same country with the same vehicle.
  • To fight “letterbox companies”, road transport companies will have to have substantial activities in the Member State in which they are registered. The new rules will also require trucks to return to the company’s operations center every 8 weeks.
  • The incorporation of light commercial vehicles from 2.5 to 3.5 tonnes in the TRM regulations (equipment with a tachograph).

Clear rules on posting of drivers

  • Defining a competitive framework in Europe to guarantee equivalent remuneration to drivers.
  • The rules will apply to cabotage and intra-community transport operations (excluding transit).