Border controls

The rules for entry into France are evolving as part of the fight against the COVID-19 outbreak, including for posting employees.

Entry into France from the European area

The borders with the countries of the European Union or the European area remain open. However, for all modes of travel now (arrival by road, rail, air or sea), it is necessary to have the negative result of a biological virological screening test “RT-PCR COVID” less than 72 hours before departure.

Road hauliers and residents of border living areas within a radius of 30 km from their homes are exempt from this obligation.

Entry into France from a country outside the European area

The rules vary from country to country, but the travel ban remains the rule unless there is a derogation or a compelling business reason. Posted employees holding an ICT visa are among the exceptions.

For more information :

Detailed country rules, attestation and credential templates can be found on the dedicated page of the Ministry of the Interior website ( )

Employer obligations and general preventive measures:

Telework is 100% mandatory wherever possible.

A curfew is established between 18h and 6h.

For this period from 6pm to 6am, the employer of posted employees must provide proof of work travel to all his employees.

As well as assessing the risk and taking steps to avoid contamination:

·        during travel to and from workplaces (distance between people)

·        during work (work organisation, collective and individual hygiene measures)

·        on accommodation sites (accommodation in single rooms is preferred)

The National Protocol for Workplace Health and Safety in the Face of the Covid-19 Epidemic has been updated and is available.

For more information, please check:

·        Q/A on the website of the Ministry of Labour

·        The Government’s dedicated website

Regular updates to this article will be made as the situation changes.