Autogrill Discount for Telepass TRUCK customers

As anticipated in the MEMORANDUM 117, We are pleased to inform you that our Telepass TRUCK customers are now entitled to big discounts for their purchases (food & drink or other) at Autogrill stores in Italy. Here come the details:

Who is entitled to the discount: all truckers with Telepass device used on their truck.

Type of discount:

  • 30% at restaurants
  • 10% at snack bars
  • 15% at retail.

Where to ask for your discount: stores of Autogrill group on Motorways in Italy.

Validity of discount: from 19/11/2020 to 30/4/2021.

How it works:

  1. Please use the QR Codes attached to this email. You will find the Italian and the English version. You will send it to your client (we recommend via email or whatsapp for easier sharing). We suggest to your client to save it on their phone in order to always have it handy.
  2. Your client just needs to show the QR code to the cashier of the Autogrill store, the discount will be automatically processed.