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Recover diesel taxes from 4 EU countries within 10 days.

Choose the anticipation for the recovery within 10 days of TICPE (France), Gasoleo Professional (Spain), Special excise duty (Belgium) and Vračilo trošarine (Slovenia).

And still benefit from the recovery of excise duties in 8 countries of the European Union.

See all reimbursement rates by country on our site.

Increase in the refund rate of the Hungarian diesel tax on the 1st July

The recovery of Hungarian excise duties has been since July 1 at a reimbursement rate of 13.5 HUF / liter, or 0.038€ / liter (0.01€ / liter so far).

Following the Covid-19 health crisis and in order to help companies recover their money more quickly, all requests for reimbursement from TICPE (France) are now made on a quarterly basis.